Building a gaming community whether for zodiac fanatics or other players is tedious. You have to dedicate a lot of hours to deliver an experience that’s appealing to as many people as possible, both the fans and newcomers. Your game community should boost your game’s visibility to make it easier to gain and retain players.

When you create a dedicated fan base committed to your game, you are bound to achieve long-term success. Through a Discord server you can build a community to increase players participation.

You may ask why a gaming community should matter to you as a game developer. Not to worry, though. This article explores five reasons why game developers should spend time bringing their players together.

1. It reduces your marketing cost

The rule of the thumb in marketing is that it’s more expensive to activate a new customer than re-engage an existing one. Therefore, app marketers strive to find economical ways to re-engage players via re-engagement advertising, which is effective among players who are not active in a game.

Gamers who manage to create thriving gaming communities spend less on advertising. This is because they are in constant communication with their players via social media and newsletters, making it easier to share current news with their players.

2. It turns marketing into a dialogue

Most businesses are trying to avoid disruptive advertising. Some players have expressed their frustrations with mobile advertising, which interrupts their experience. However, game developers can take advantage of mobile marketing and advertising strategies to reach consumers in a low-key way. This is achieved by creating strong links in the community and talking with players frequently, hence shifting their marketing approach from being disruptive activity to something their fans want to be involved with.

3. Encourages creators/influencers to take part

Having an engaged community will give credibility to your game. If you show that you’ve got a committed fan base, you’ll attract influencers.

Most influencers are on the lookout for games to cover on their channels and will look for interesting games that their fans would be interested in watching too.

Therefore, game developers should always keep in mind that when building gaming communities they can attract influencers of all sizes to cover their game, hence deepening their community connections.

4. It helps your game through the bad times

Bad times are inevitable, and things will go wrong at some time. For instance, a feature that you promised may not materialize when required, or a new content update may take your game offline for hours. This unbalances your metagame, and your dedicated fans start baying for your blood.

This is the time where having the proper channels to address such issues comes in. Without such channels or not talking with your fan base can result in the problem in your game becoming a full-blown crisis, and of course, you don’t want that.

The right communication channels help you handle such issues efficiently. For example, No Man’s Sky’s developers have used community management to implement a content rollout strategy to quash fan concerns over the game’s release.

5. Increases your spend

A gaming community is vital because it enhances the net income of your business. Why is this so? The communities will create a multiplication effect on the time spent on your game and its retention rates. High chances are that the players will go back into the game at a later date to grab the latest content to keep up with their competitors. Thus, they can compete and discuss features and experiences outside of the game.

A good example is Fortnite that’s become the pioneer. Since it was founded, Fortnite has grown to become a social space within the video game. Individuals can express themselves through their in-game avatar when they buy a battle pass to unlock cool new content. This indicates that building your gaming community leads to positive results for your game, eventually.

To wrap it up

Whether its zodiac games or console gaming, it’s clear that time and money are going to be spent building a gaming community. But is the effort worth it? Absolutely, because it’s easy to leave a game but hard to leave a community. Most gamers are adding some fun Discord game bots to their servers to keep their players active and ensure they have fun while interacting with fellow members.

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