Wouldn’t you love to meet with buddies online regularly and talk your favorite games? You can do this easily if you join a great gaming community. You could even pick out new favorites based on your zodiac sign. Here are some of the best:

Rocket League

This site was founded soon after Xbox One released the game. Players can play on teams. A reviewer noted the kindness and politeness of fellow gamers. One noticed the reviewer’s poor play and asked if his system was lagging. It was. The gamer waited until the lagging ended and they resumed play.

Total War

Total War has a great gaming community. It’s loaded with fun forums where gamers discuss tactics and strategies. The moderators also release mods, such as DarthMod, which the players universally enjoy.

Game FAQs

GameFAQs doesn’t have game mods, but it does have over 40,000 FAQs. It also has excellent game walkthroughs and guides. And if a game has you stumped, it has thousands of cheatsheets to help you deal with that issue. The site was founded in 1995.


This community is run by IGN Network. This site is loaded with well organized forums, news, reviews, and walkthroughs. It is a neat and clean site, easy to navigate. Members are very friendly.

Elder Scrolls

If you love fantasy gaming, check this one out. There are lots of fun forums to join and modders are invited to add graphics, weapons, and characters. The Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages is a must-read for regular fantasy gamers. It is jammed with years of lore.


This site was founded a year after GameFAQs. The two sites are linked. Check it out regularly for news, trailers, guides, downloads, walkthroughs, and information on the latest launches. PlayStation gamers will appreciate the up-to-the-minute information on PS5.

The Verge

This is Vox Media’s gamer’s site. It reminds a gamer of an online science fiction convention with its wide-ranging content, including gaming, science, technology, art, and culture. One of the reviewer’s favorite articles found there was “PS5 vs. Xbox,” a sure hit with gamers with fun controversy to spice things up.

Guild Wars 2

This online game can be compared to a vast D&D game with teams of players heading out for adventure and lots of loot. The players are very friendly and helpful to new players. They’ve developed complex community “loot sharing” events where players are rewarded for how much they helped out in a fight. Players can also find lots of handy character-build guides there.


Discord is a great app for text chatting. It plays nice with all the major operating systems, including Linux, Windows, Android, and iOS. Gamers find it to be a fantastic way to send text, photos, videos, and audio to each other in real time.

Dark Souls

Gamers love this site almost as much as they love the game. Speedrunners blast through games and broadcast their feats. Lore content creators sift through enormous amounts of data to piece together compelling pictures of the Dark Souls world. These players are especially welcomed and appreciated by their fellow players. Worldbuilding science fiction writers could learn a thing or two from these players.

Ritual Motion

This Facebook page is run by the company of the same name. They warmly welcome updates, game moves, work news, esports, and any proposed improvements for games from gamers. The company posts wide-ranging news from the gaming world regularly.


Players create and play their own multiple-choice trivia games here. These are especially geared towards children. Families can play together, each child and adult playing on their own phones. Schools are also involved. The trivia games are often quite educational.


Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games has its own website. It is massive with over 60,000 discussions and over a million comments on all things MMORPG.

Minecraft Forum

This venerable game is honored by posts on hundreds of topics, mods, skins, and maps. Don’t miss the glorious Minds of Moria rebuild.

There is a century’s worth of content out there online dealing with your favorite games. Explore and game to your heart’s content.

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