Using Discord when gaming online is a near requirement today. Servers can be created to be used just by friends or a community as a whole. Gaming is not only winning, but building a community! Do this with Discord servers! Here are the top five reason why Discord is the way to go.

1. Ease of Use

Discord is completely free and installs in moments on any machine. This means PC, Mac, Android and iOS operating systems support Discord. Once installed, the wizard takes you through the initial audio setup to choose your microphone and output device with built-in testing letting you get the perfect voice capture.

On top of this, video support is at the push of a button and just as simple as the audio setup. Discord holds your hand through each one to make sure you understand the options presented and how they impact your experience.

Creating a server is arguably even easier, requiring you to simply choose a name for the server and picking an image to represent it, sort of like an icon or a logo. Multiple servers can be made for free, with each one you’re in being listed on the left hand side of the screen.

2. Unmatched Communication Options

Discord has made a name for itself by being the go-to option for talk, text and video. Add livestreaming to this and you have the ultimate platform for Zodiac and any other games to be shared and enjoyed together. Image options within text channels mean snipping the perfect screenshot and sharing takes under 10 seconds, letting your friends capture the excitement while it’s still fresh.

Video chat can be done by anyone in a channel, letting full conference level amounts of users hang out all at once. Each participant will also be able to share their screen to play games together without being worried about random viewers showing up if they used Twitch or other livestreaming platform instead.

3. Custom Communities

Creating a community is what everyone wants when playing online. It strives to achieve what you had as a kid with the neighborhood gamers, now that everyone has grown up and gone separate ways.

Find groups with similar interests, including Zodiac themes, and you’ll instantly have more teammates available or perspectives if your goal is more Zodiac discussion when finding a Discord server. Emotes and reactions can be custom made as well, letting artistic users create designs just for that Discord server adding more personality.

4. Completely Free

From hosting servers to creating roles and adding custom emotes, Discord is completely free with no limitations on basic features. The only paid features available include more slots for emotes and higher resolution on streaming within the server as this costs the company more for server load.

This free model has made Discord popular not just for those who play online, but as a mobile alternative to messaging apps that are clunkier or use personal information when a user prefers to associate with their online handle.

5. Online Games Integration

Discord has high level of integration with most online games. This means the option to put an overlay on top of your game that shows who is in your channel and when they start talking. Streamers will find this helpful to monitor who is coming and going while they are live.

New users in a Discord will love this as well as it makes learning voices and names much easier without the need to have Discord open on its own window taking up important digital real estate. Your Discord account also has a status message that you can manually set to be a custom message or have Discord show the game you’re currently playing, letting your friends and community see that you’ve logged in and join you.

Extra Credit Point: It’s All-In-One

Discord isn’t the biggest name for online communication for nothing. Even Microsoft was in talks to purchase the company for an incredible $10 billion, though those talks have fallen through. This interest from such a huge name in technology only speaks to the quality of service Discord offers.

Having everything together in one platform is extremely appealing not just to public users but also corporations looking for collaborative programs for their teams to use in the office. Having commercial level features available completely free is why Discord will be king of communication for some time to come.

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