So What Exactly is Discord?

Discord is a hugely popular social media app that was originally launched for the gaming community but has since grown to encompass a much broader spectrum of subjects and interests. Today, there are servers which cover topics as diverse as politics and religion, fan groups and even the hidden truths of astrology!

The Discord app provides a platform for voice and text chat that is free to join. Once you’re a member you are quickly able to join or create servers on any number of topics.

On the Discord platform, each server is like a chat room where you can share your thoughts with other people who share your passions and interests. Every server has multiple channels which, as a member, you can use to chat and communicate right across the platform.

Discord Zodiac Servers.

If you’re interested in the occult, astrology and other esoteric issues you can join any number of welcoming Discord servers that are tagged with Zodiac. Discord Zodiac servers are a great way to meet new friends, learn all about the meanings and implications of astrology, astrotheology, the occult and much more besides!

The Advantages of Discord in Brief.

Discord is a fantastic all round chat app that has superb functionality and a growing user base. There are many advantages of the platform, some of which include:

  • Discord is Free.

First of all, Discord is free to join and with more than 300 million users it’s a buzzing community where you’re bound to find your tribe.

  • Create or Join Servers.

Not only can you join pre-existing servers but you can also create your own server and start a new community. Each user can join up to 100 different servers to chat, with voice and text, to like minded people on almost any subject!

  • User Friendly Interface.

The Discord interface is both highly functional and beautiful in design. You can easily switch between your channels, upload screenshots, GIFs, hashtags and all your favourite emoticons. The Discord interface was made to help you share your images, files, videos and other links from either your mobile or desktop. The interface also undergoes regular updates to further improve it so if you like what you see it’ll only get better!

  • Well Thought Out Features.

Discord has a great selection of essential features that help you communicate with your friends on the servers. You can tag your friends, much like Twitter, and see friend recommendations based on common interests. You can add people individually as well as send people messages who are outside of your server.

  • Reliable Security.

Discord takes security very seriously so all your data and information will be totally safe. The security features include DDoS protection and an automated mechanism that will restart the app if there are any server issues.

  • Discord Works On All Major Operating Systems.

Discord is a very versatile platform that works seamlessly on all operating systems including Windows, Android, iOS, mac OS and Linux.

The Disadvantages of Discord.

Discord is a great social media platform and it has very few failings. One of the problems that has recently arisen is a small scale hijacking of the platform by members of the far right who use it as a way to communicate under the radar. Similarly, some extremist left wing groups have been caught posting videos that explain how to create home made explosives!

There have also been some complaints about the quality of the Discord support team which can sometimes over react to comments although compared to other social media platforms these problems are not too serious.

Discord is the Premier Social Media Platform For Growing a Community Around Any Topic or Interest.

If you’re looking for a new social media platform that has a wide range of community servers that are buzzing with voice and text chat then look no further than Discord. Discord works smoothly on all the main operating systems and with new servers springing up every day you’ll be able to make new friends and contacts as you explore the platform. With a superb interface, excellent security features and a growing membership, it’s free and easy to join Discord.

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