Zodiac games have a mystique to them that draws in both astrology fans and art lovers alike. The ability to create communities and popular servers this passionate makes it easier for players to meet others that want to share games and conversations.

These communities have found their home online for decades, setting up shop inside online forums and subreddits to allow for text and image sharing. This is an excellent way to share all of the celestial art and newfound knowledge through posts, but real time communication and discussion is equally as important. For this, a Zodiac Discord is the recommended option.

Why Discord Reigns Supreme

Discord isn’t new to the online communication scene, being known as the gaming first platform. Options for text channels alone span from bot commands, sharing only pictures, having specific rooms for different topics and running polls and contests for your community.

This is done primarily through roles that can be assigned. Typically used for enforcement of Discord rules through mods and admins, these roles can be used to organize a complex community. Examples include different styles of artists being labeled with access to their unique style channels or even having each horoscope as its own role for a space that similar personalities can freely speak with each other.

It Goes Beyond Just Text

Focused on creating every aspect of a community, Discord has near flawless voice and video chat. Voice chat can be done in any voice channel that the user has access to, again being able to use roles for access restrictions. Users are able to toggle the volume of each individual user so that quiet talkers don’t get drowned out by enthusiastic star seekers.

Video chat adds the face to the name, something users will begin using more and more as they get to know each other. This is just another way that Discord can elevate the community or even the most popular Discord Zodiac server.

Best Zodiac Themed Discord Servers

Being free to use, there are thousands of Discord servers out there. Finding the best one for your interests and purposes can be difficult. Here are a few great options to start out with, all with an emphasis on Zodiac signs, styles, horoscopes, astrology and other mystical/celestial imagery and discussion.


The largest astrology server today, Astrological is a popular server for Zodiac games and chart-reading alike, meaning you don’t have to be a gamer to find a home here. The community has rocketed to over 2,000 members. An established server like this is hard to come by but tend to be cleaned up of any toxic users so you can focus on having a good time.

Custom emotes let users express themselves with Zodiac themed reactions with live events hosted by the staff to let everyone hang out in real time. They even utilize roles for specific astrological signs, boasting expert chart-readers for everyone made simple with custom channels.

Astrology Enthusiasts

Focused primarily on discussion of astrology and numerology, Astrology Enthusiasts offers users a safe place to discuss and learn about astrology while making new friends at the same time. Stimulating conversation is the cornerstone of this Discord server.

Those new to astrology shouldn’t be concerned, even if you are just starting to dabble in the topic you’ll be met with eager minds excited to introduce you into their world.

The Zodiacs

You’ll find this server is more relaxed than the others. Not in the sense that the others are strict, but that this server is more casual compared to the ones that focus on discussion and discovery of new knowledge.

Zodiac games are played with Zodiac memes being shared constantly for a good laugh. Content creators and streamers will find self promotion channels to help build a following and show the community what they have to offer as an astrology fan.

Take The Plunge

No matter the level you’re invested in astrology, you’ll find the perfect fit with one of these above communities. Zodiac Discords aren’t just for Zodiac games, but for anyone interested in astrology, numerology or even the occult.

The mysticism of these communities transcends each individual topic, with the energy you seek being found at any one of them. Join your Zodiac community with these popular Discord servers and you’ll be sharing chart-readings and futures before you know it!

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